2014 Resolutions

Friday, 3 January 2014

Here's to the new year...
I wasn't really sure where to start with this one. I am never normally one to make a resolution and stick to it - I think many people will sympathise with me on that one - but in the last year, so much has happened, good and bad, and I know that this year there is going to be even more so I thought it was about time to set some goals. Maybe if I give them a different name they will be easier to stick to...

1. The Cliche - Get Fit.
I haven't been very happy with my personal appearance and fitness for a couple of years now, and it has got me really down at points. I admit that it is partly my diet, partly my lack of exercise and mainly my lack of motivation. Since I am moving to the U S of A in August for a Study Abroad year, and will probably gain weight with all the crazy tasty food there is out there, I want to have at least a fighting chance. My aim isn't going to revolve around a weight goal or anything like that, but I want to be fitter, more toned and have a better diet throughout the year. I'm going to start off with a proper diet to get me going (I'm thinking the 5:2 diet, but if you have any tips then feel free to share in the comments), but then go into a general cleaner lifestyle. This is the big goal, so fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted.

2. Be More Organised
If some of my friends read this, I think it would surprise them quite a lot since I have a bit of a reputation for being organised. However, despite this I still have essays for uni that are left until the last minute and posts for the blog that are rushed the day before. Being a student, I really have all the time in the world, so it's time to start using it more effectively. It's all about scheduling that shit. My aim is to have at least one day a week devoted to blogging, so that the little things like keeping up to date with other people's blogs isn't such a chore. This is meant to be a hobby after all. As for uni, it is really going to start taking a lot less late nights, so that I have time to relax and to enjoy myself. The worse feeling in the world is getting to 3am and still having not finished the work you started too late in the day. I'm thinking of investing in a whiteboard so I can start making myself a timetable (which is going to include things for Goal 1 too).

3. Care Less
I have seen this goal on a number of posts, so clearly 2013 was the year of letting yourself get down about things that don't matter. I know for me that was definitely the case. A big aim for me is to not get so het up about things that aren't important, or stress over things that people think or don't think. It's not important. It sounds lame but life really is too short to worry about these things, and you don't want to miss out on the important stuff that is happening now!

4. Take More Care With Money
I think it may have just taken a whole year and a bit of uni, but I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am a student, and I am required to live off not a lot. With America coming up, I need to start saving, so this means no more little absent minded trips to Boots and Topshop. 2014 is the year of the budget. I'll just keep telling myself I don't need that new eyeshadow...

5. Be More Adventurous
Like I said earlier, 2014 is officially the year that I pack my bags and move away from my boyfriend, my family and my friends for an academic year. I won't lie. This scares the hell out of me. But I am also excited. Who knows what opportunities the next year will bring? So my aim is to welcome those opportunities more! It's terrifying, but it's exciting. So come on 2014... let's do this!


  1. really sweet post. happy new year!


  2. Loved reading this post, what are you studying in america? Having that opportunity is such a gift, I think you will love it, I lived in Toronto and buffalo for a few years and its so lovely over there!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  3. I'll be researching my dissertation while I'm there so I'll just be taking classes to help with that. Yeah I'm very lucky, very excited x

  4. What region of the US will you be visiting? I'm from Texas & I always dream of being able to visit Europe.

  5. I'll be at the University of Maine :)